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The MANCHESTER 2020 VR Exhibition

To register for the VR exhibition please complete the details below.

• Each artist wishing to submit will have to froward 2 samples via the simple form below.
• Our curator will select artists for selection based on these samples, this can be previous work if you are painting a new piece for the event.
• All uploaded images must be in jpg format and be at least 3000 pixels across the largest dimension.

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Sample Art

Click below to add pieces of sample art for our curators

Terms and Mailing

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Exhibition Partners

Interested in becoming a partner  email:

  • World Art Finance

    The WAF finance scheme is available for any type of art or craft from paintings to sculptures. Giving buyers and collectors an easy option to own art of all types. Unlike other schemes we have no limit on art value..
  • Painters TUBES Gallery is delighted to bring you the very best contemporary art for your viewing pleasure. These include Art Galleries, Exhibition Catalogues, Artists Solo Shows, Group Shows.